Aug 28, 2007

Surrender of Indian Government in front of Terrorism

Again bomb explosions in Hyderabad in just 4 months!

Again many human beings murdered, many family lost their Pillar of living!

Once more Indian Government just releases condolence speeches and announce money for dead bodies!

What more!!
Our Prime Minister did not give any way for eradicate terrorism from country. But…
Our PM said:
"We should start permanent relief funds"

That’s means now government just see where terrorist will attack and how much they can offer for each dead body. The reason for this type of approach is that they can not hurt the feelings of Muslim vote bank!!!! Our leaders (except BJP Leaders) do not want to implement Hard core law like POTA.

Regarding POTA like law, our Home Minister said:
"There is no guarantee that there will be no terrorist attack if we have such law”

That’s means; we should abolish IPC 302, and other such Act, as there are still murders going on even we have such IPCs

I don’t know when such leaders start realizing that terrorist doesn’t have any religion. They are not Muslims, they are terrorist only and our Muslims brothers don’t associates their self with terrorist.

Please stop vote bank politics in matter of terrorism

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