Sep 1, 2007

Reservation to Muslims

Reservation to Muslims

Now Secular Govt. of India wants to give reservation to Muslims as a lollypop so that they continue to be a vote bank. I wonder that why educated Muslims could not understand that reservation is not the solution of community backwardness. It can be seen that reservation only help those person who have money and power coz actual deserving candidate could not get the benefits of reservation.

I knew a SC family in which three members are IAS and a young boy from this family got job in Railways in reservation quota even though he secured just 50% in competition Exams and his friend who also belongs to SC community could not get even he secured more marks then the boy of IAS family coz his parents did not have such power. So any one can see who got benefits from reservation.

In my views, the solution of social imbalance doesn’t lie in reservation. Then what we can do to uplift the backward communities. We should do following things:-

• No reservation for any person in jobs
• Give adequate benefits in educations for deserving candidates. Provide every type of help they required in education up to which level they want to study.
• Conduct competitions exams for every type of jobs and give job according to exam results irrespective of candidate’s sex, cast and religion. Even no information about cast, religion and region should be sought

When you provide equal opportunities to everyone to get knowledge & education then there will be no requirement for reservation in jobs.

And moreover if govt. gives reservation according to religion then the outcome this step is just widens the gap between Hindu and Muslims.