Nov 28, 2008

[COVERT] Fortnightly Magazine

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it has written by anti-Modi person ....
[COVERT] Fortnightly Magazine

What he says...
"I left Modi’s house deeply impressed."

Game, Seth & Match | Suhel Seth


Let me begin with a disclosure: I have written a number of articles against Narendra Modi and his handling of the post-Godhra riots; I have called him a modern-day Hitler and have always said that Godhra remains an enduring blemish not just on him but on India’s political class. I still believe we as a nation are just beginning to pay a heavy price for the Godhra riots. But the fact is that time has moved on and so has Modi. He is not the only politician in India accused of communalism. The whole country venerates the Congress as the secular messiah, but it was the Congress that presided over the riots in 1984 in which over 3,500 Sikhs died, three times the number killed in Gujarat.

The fact is there is no better performer than Narendra Modi in India’s political structure. Recently, I went to Ahmedabad to address the Young President’s Organisation and I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with Modi. I called at his house the day I landed in Ahmedabad. There were no fawning staff members; no secretaries running around; no hangers on — just the two of us with one servant serving tea — something that the Gandhis and the Mayawatis need to learn from Modi. Most impressive was the passion Modi exuded: for development; for an invigorated Gujarat; for uplifting the living standards of people in his state.

With childlike enthusiasm he rushed to a coffee table book on GIFT, the proposed Gujarat Industrial City that will come up on the banks of the Sabarmarti, a project that will put the Dubais and the Hong Kongs of this world to shame. It is also Modi who created the inter-linking of rivers so that the Sabarmati is no longer dry. He also told me how keen he was about Ratan Tata setting up the Nano plant in Gujarat. Modi related the story of the Parsi Navsari priests to Ratan Tata, which touched the industrialist greatly. The story describes how the Navsari priests [the first Parsis] landed in Gujarat. Upon their arrival, the ruler of Gujarat sent them a glass of milk, full to the brim, indicating there was no place for them in his kingdom. The priests added sugar to the milk and sent it back, saying they would only make his kingdom sweeter. The Parsis were allowed into Gujarat and India.

Narendra Modi is a man in a hurry and he has every reason to be. After L.K. Advani, he is the BJP’s trump card and he knows it. I imagine people like Rajnath Singh are weak irritants to him. He also believes the country needs an apolitical strategy to counter terrorism — in fact he told me how he had alerted the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the NSA about the bomb blasts in Delhi and they did not take him seriously. His approach indicates he will be a firm hand dealing with terrorism. There are cynics who call this minority-bashing, but it is obvious Modi genuinely means business as far as law and order is concerned.

I left Modi’s house deeply impressed. He was clearly passionate and deeply committed. On the drive back I asked my driver what he thought of Modi. His simple reply was, “Modi is God.” Before him, there was very little — bad roads, faulty power, poor infrastructure. Today, Gujarat is a power surplus state. Gujarat attracts more industry than all the states put together. Gujarat is the preferred investment destination for almost every multinational with a reputation for honesty.

After I finished talking to the YPO members I asked some casually what they thought of Modi. This was one area that views coincided across classes. They too said he was God, adding that if India had five Narendra Modis we would be a great country. I don’t know if this was typical Gujarati exaggeration or a reflection of the kind of leadership India now needs. There is, however, no question in my mind that Modi is truly a transformational leader. And we need more like him.

Suhel Seth is Managing Partner of Counselage and an irreverent observer of life

[COVERT] Fortnightly Magazine

I found the intresting article here.......

[COVERT] Fortnightly Magazine

Sep 15, 2008


On Saturday, I went to a child home (or precisely boys home who don’t have their parents to look after them) named as Gopal Dham. It is situated on Bhopura – Loni Road in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Actually I went there to do some for needy so I was carrying some packets of biscuits and donated amount for one time meal for children. Total 90 boys were there from atleast 15 different states of India. Jammu & Kashmir was at number one because 33 boys came from there. They were victim of terrorist attacks and lost their parents. Indian army picked them handed over to Gopal Dham. These boys were of all age group starting from 5 years to 17 years. They study in public school. An electrician and musicians visit there to teach boys to be stand on their own feet.

I came to know that there is no Government aid for this noble cause as this Gopal Dham run by Sewa Bharti (a member organisation of Sangh Pariwar). It manages all the funding through donation only. Ok leave apart the politics. Return to Saturday!!

We distributed the packets to boys but 16 boys politely refused the offering. We got the answer from in-charge of Gopal Dham, that 16 boys are muslims and on Roja (fasting by muslims) as this is the month of Ramadan. Shocked!!!! Muslims boys in a Sangh Pariwar run home!!!!

I think news channel should go there and spread the message of true harmony (not speeches).

Sep 4, 2008


मत करो कोई वादा जिसे तुम निभा न सको,
मत चाहो उसे जिसे तुम पा न सको,
प्यार कहाँ किसी का पूरा होता है,
इसका तो पहला शब्द ही अधूरा होता है.. !!

------ISKA JAWAB------

माना की प्यार का पहला अक्षर अधूरा है,
लेकिन 'प' को निकल दो तो यार रह जाता है
और आप जैसा यार हो
तो ज़िंदगी से भी प्यार हो जाता है


यूं तो प्यार करने वाले तुम्हें कम न मिलेंगे,
मिल जाएंगे हम जैसे बहुत ,,, पर हम न मिलेंगे.

------NOW ENJOY------

उन्हें भूलने की कोशिश की मैंने,
दिल ने कहा याद करते रहना...
वो हमारे दर्द की फरियाद सुने न सुने,
अपना तो फ़र्ज़ है उन्हें प्यार करते रहना..

I got it in the mail.

--Saurabh Sharma

Aug 20, 2008

Real king

This is the real King !!!!

I recived it in my mailbox from one of my friend...

Shayari (Written by unknown person)

..फ़लक को ज़िद है अगर बिज़लियां गिराने की
हमें भी ज़िद है वहीं आशियाँ बनाने की

मेरी खामोशियों में भी फसाना ढूंढ लेती है,
बड़ी शातिर है ये दुनिया बहाना ढूंढ लेती है,
हकीकत जिद किए बैठी है चकनाचूर करने को,
मगर हर आंख फिर सपना सुहाना ढूंढ लेती है"!!!

तिनका तिनका तूफ़ान में बिखरते चले गए
तन्हाई कि गहराइयों में उतरते चले गए
उड़ते थे जिन दोस्तो के सहारे आसमानों में हम
१-१ करके हम सब बिछड़ते चले गए

तेरी एक हँसी पे ये दिल कुर्बान कर जाऊ ,
ऐतराज़ न हो अगर तो तेरा दिल चुरा ले जाऊ ,
न बहने दुँ कभी इन आखों से आंसू ,
तू कहे तो तेरे सारे सितम सहे जाऊ .

Jan 1, 2008

दीदी यह अनेक क्या होता है ?
अनेक .. अनेक यानि बहुत सारे
जैसे ..
सूरज एक ...
चन्दा एक ..
तारे अनेक ...
अच्छा तो तारों को अनेक भी कहते हैं ????
नहीं नहीं !!
देखो फ़िर से बताती हूँ .
सूरज एक ..
चन्दा एक ..
तारे अनेक ....
एक गिलहरी ..
एक और गिलहरी ..
एक एक एक करके हो गई अब अनेक गिलहरियाँ ..
एक तितली , अनेक तितलियाँ ...
एक चिड़िया, एक एक अनेक चिड़ियॉ

अनेक चिडियों की कहानी सुनोगे ....
हाँ सुनाओ
एक चिड़िया अनेक चिड़िया ....
दाना चुगने बैठ गयी थी .....
chorus : दीदी हमें भी सुनाओ .......
फिर से सुनो ...

एक चिड़िया , अनेक चिड़ियाँ
दाना चुगने बैठ गयी थी .....
वहीं एक ब्याध ने जाल बिछाया था ...
ब्याध , ब्याध क्या होता है दीदी ?
ब्याध ... चिड़िया पकड़ने वाला
तो फिर क्या हुआ , उसने चिडियों को पकड़ लिया , ...
उन्हें मार दिया ......
उन ..हूह ...

हिम्मत से जो जुटे रहे तो बड़ा काम भी होवे
भइया .. बड़ा काम भी
होवे भइया ...
1..2..3.. फुर्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र्र
चतुर चिड़ियाँ सयानी चिड़ियॉ ,
मिलजुल कर , जाल ले कर ...
भागी चिड़ियॉ ....

दूर एक गाँव में चिडियों के दोस्त चूहे रहते थे ....
उन्होंने उनका जाल काट दिया .........
देखा एकता में कितनी शक्ति है ......
दीदी अगर हम एक हो जाएं तो क्या कोई भी काम कर
सकते हैं ?
हाँ हाँ क्यों नही ...
तो क्या इस पेड़ के आम भी तोड़ सकते हैं ???
हाँ मगर जुगत लगनी होगी ...
जुगत ???

* *
* * *
* * * *

अच्छा ये जुगत .... वह बड़ा मज़ा आएगा ....
हो गए एक ...
बन गयी ताकत ..
बन गयी हिम्मत ...

हिंद देश के निवासी सभी जन एक हैं , -2
रंग -रूप वेश -भाषा चाहे अनेक हैं -2> > ---- ...
बेला गुलाब जूही चंपा चमेली ..... -2
फूल हैं अनेक किंतु माला फिर एक है ...-2>
एक -अनेक -एक अनेक
सूरज एक , चन्दा एक , तारे अनेक ,
एक गिलहरी , अनेक गिलहरियाँ ,
एक तितली , अनेक तितलियाँ ,
एक चिड़िया , अनेक चिड़ियॉ ......
अरे बेला गुलाब जूही चंपा चमेली .. -2
फूल हैं अनेक किंतु माला फिर एक हैं .....2

Happy New Year 2008......