Sep 22, 2011

Certified Illiterate

Education Department of India is running a project known as SSA (Sarv Siksha Abhiyaan). In SSA, Govt. encourages enrollment of children and changing the education system so that number of literate people can be increased.  Following are the few steps taken by education department:
1. Ladli Scheme (no doubt a good scheme but teachers are busy in filling the piles of forms instead of teaching students !!!)

2. Mid-day meals ( many children enrolled in school only for this. they came to school only for meal)

3. Grade system instead of numbers & percentage and you can not fail a student if his/her attendance is full (No fear of fail !!!!! then why student will study or learn ????)

4. No punishment (even can not say why they have not completed the home work !!! as if teacher ask student they can lodge a complaint that teacher abused them) though students can abuse (physically & mentally) teachers. Many such reports are in news papers.

If there is such liberate education system in our society then how a student who do not know what is the importance of education in his/her life, can learn anything. He/ She can only get the certificates of education, but will remain illiterate... A certified Illiterate !!!!!!!!