Aug 16, 2012


From few days I have seen many discussions on TV channels. I am not able to understand one thing that why few person and media have problem on RSS involvement in Anti-Corruption movements. And as soon as their involvement visible in these movement, they create an environment that this is a great offence.  I want to ask

a)      Why questions were raised on the involvement of RSS in any movement?

b)      Is RSS an anti-national organisation?

c)       Is RSS an untouchable organisation?


Then why such atmosphere was created that “RSS is a dangerous organisation”?

I can say one thing with confidence that, those people who utter such things against RSS, they do not know about it. I want to request them that they should try to know RSS genuinely from inside. Whosoever got the opportunity to know the organisation, can tell the truth.

I got the chance to attend its few programs and activities. What I have seen there is Discipline, Brotherhood, Nationalism (RashtraBhakti), social service, and zest for solving nation’s problems. And what I could not find is the disparity, untouchability, hate-speeches.

Then why few people consider RSS as untouchable organisation??? Why media propagate such wrong perception against RSS?