Jun 25, 2014

The Wh family

I always think why there is Wh family in our life at every step. Why we have to seek the answers of Wh family. 
Wh family ???? means 

"What", "Who", "When", "Where", "Why", "How", "Which"

When I was a very young child I have to interact with ..
Why bird fly while we cant?
What my father do in office?
Why I have to drink milk daily?

After some years when started going school...

Why we have to study?
what we will get after reading so much books?

after few more years ...

Why we have to remembers dates related to dead people?
How my marks get reduced for the perfect answer I gave in exam?
Where is the source of water in river?
What is the benefit of study?

These questions always there throughout life. When we reached the earning phase of the life, Wh family is still with us. 

We can not get rid of this family of Wh.

But this Wh family provides the cause for living

The quest of life is lies in this Wh family. 

The quest for knowing ourself 

"Who am I?".

Let's find the answer to this basic question .......