Feb 14, 2015

Modern Village

Now a days villages are becoming modern day by day, but talk with anyone in cities like Delhi, they will say that villages lost the charm of old villages. No earthen stove (चुल्हा) are in use any more. Television are given preference over the evening gathering which used to happens every evening at any choupal (चौपाल) or at any one’s residence. Now a days there are competitions quarrels among the neighbors. In earlier days neighbors were always considered as family members.
 So by modernizing the villages, have we diminished the beauty of villages? They are more and more becoming like a polluting city. Here when I refers pollution, I refer not only environmental pollution but also mental pollution. Are we going upward or downward.
Farmers are quitting farming and joining mere jobs in the search of regular income without doing hard labor in fields. But they are forgetting one thing… that if everyone starts doing jobs than from where we would get the foods? Why they are doing so?
Coz in farming no guaranteed income even after hard work of 3-4 months and after investing hard earned money. Farmers need money to live, need money to educate their children, need money to pay medicals bills not only for family members but also cattle’s.
Than what is the solution?
We along with govt. should make efforts to increase the productivity of crops and that so without being fully dependent on weather conditions. Educate the farmers about new scientific approach to enhance the yields and maintain the soil minerals and that so without using too much chemicals. We have to invent new methods to process the crops more economically and more earning by utilizing the uses of byproducts. It is not necessary that all for this we need to look west. India has lots of untapped talents, only need to discover that talents and encourage them by giving full corporation.

Jugaad (जुगाड़) technology, which is notoriously laughed off, should promote as this is the first step towards the inventions.    

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